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Facebook Says Someone Accepted My Friend Request But I Never Sent One

Question I just got an email saying that someone has confirmed me as a friend on Facebook but I never sent a friend request! Has my account been hacked? What should I do? Answer You have to be a little cautious here. If it’s an email that you received, check who the email is from […]

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Add Friend Button

How Can I Remove the “Add Friend” Button on my Facebook Account?

Question Is there a way to remove the add as friend button on Facebook? I don’t want to be searched and added by people. Answer Go to the Privacy Settings in Facebook. In there, you want to lock down the “Who can send you friend requests?” setting to be “Friends” or “Friends of Friends.” You […]

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Unblock / unlock

How Do You Unblock Yourself From Someone’s Facebook Account if They Blocked You?

Someone blocked me on Facebook. Wow can I see their profile? Basically, this person blocked me on Facebook. Is it possible to somehow unblock myself on their Facebook account? How do I contact them to get myself unblocked? Are there other ways to do it? Someone blocked me on Facebook – can I Unblock Myself? […]

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