Facebook Questions

Can You Change You Cover Photo on Facebook Without Everyone Knowing?

How to Change Your Facebook Cover Photo Without Notifying Everyone Some things in your profile are 100% public and people will get notified when you change them. One of those things is the cover photo. Other items that are public include: Your name Your profile pic As of 2020, there’s no way to turn off […]

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Does Posting “I do not own the rights to any music in this video” Protect Me on Facebook or Instagram?

This is some kind of weird trend and the answer is: no… because you still don’t own the rights to someone else’s intellectual property (their music). That’s like basically saying “I’m breaking the law, so… yeah” and it does not give you any kind of copyright protection. Neither does “I don’t not own the rights […]

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OBJ character example

Seeing “OBJ” on Facebook Posts

Why Am I Seeing  in Posts and Comments on Facebook? It’s called an “object replacement character” in Unicode and is used as placeholder in text for an otherwise unspecified object. That means  is a replacement for an “object” that can’t be displayed/rendered on your screen. It’s a placeholder for a special character, like […]

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Can Facebook Listen to Your Conversation?

Facebook says they do not listen to your conversations but many people still think your device listens so they can direct targeted advertising to you. What do you think?

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Facebook - 1 Hacker Way

When Was Facebook Made?

Facebook first launched on February 4, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommate, Eduardo Saverin, from Harvard University. It was originally called “The Facebook” instead of just “Facebook.”

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Guy on his mobile phone

Are Facebook Messages Private?

Although anything can be hacked, Facebook Messenger messages are fairly secure. If you use the “Secret Messages” function, then you get full encryption that not even Facebook can access. What do you think?

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stacks of dollars

How Does Facebook Make Money?

Have you ever thought of that? You get to create an account and use Facebook for free, so how can Facebook make money? They have to pay for their employees, servers, buildings, app programmers and more. You also hear about Mark Zuckerberg making lots of money, so how do they do it? Basically, it’s ads […]

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