“It Looks Like You” on Facebook Messenger – a Scam?

If you see this pop up in Messenger, do not click it. It’s not a link to a YouTube video of you: You might even start seeing a few of your friends sending this to you: Someone has obviously gained access to your friend’s account and is sending this scam out. You might want to […]

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“2020 New Year’s Resolution Sweepstake” Scam?

Yes, this is a scam: Subject line: Hey We are obliging to congratulate and notify you that your registered Facebook profile was approved as one of the Lucky Winners in 2020 New Year’s Resolution Sweepstake.Click on this link for detail First of all, the bad English and punctuation. Secondly, it’s just dumb. Don’t fall for […]

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Facebook on mobile phones

Tomorrow Facebook Can Start Using Your Photos

Have you seen this message? Don’t forget tomorrow starts the new Facebook rule where they can use your photos. Don’t forget the Deadline is today!!! It can be used in court cases in litigation against you. Everything you’ve ever posted becomes public from today – even messages that have been deleted. So post the following […]

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