Why is the Facebook Share Button Turned Off?

There’s No Share Option on Facebook

If you’ve noticed no button/link on your posts to share them, that’s because your post is not set to “Public” but you’re using some other variation, like just to your friends.

Like, Comment and Share buttons

We noticed this change and some people thought that Facebook was trying something new but this feature now seems permanent. It seems to work this way so that your post is only shared among who you want it to be shared with and nobody else.

To turn this option on and off, just edit who can see your post. If you want it to be shared, change it to Public.

Change who can see your post to control sharing options

You can disable Facebook sharing by setting your posts to Public in your Settings. When you do this, you can still change this setting on each post – this is just a default setting so that you don’t have to change this all the time.

Go into Settings, then into Privacy and then to “Who can see my stuff?” and then click Edit to get to the “Who can see your future posts?” settings:

Who can see my stuff? and Who can see your future posts?

Trouble With the Facebook App?

Try updating or reinstalling the Facebook App on your mobile phone/device and see if that brings back sharing and/or commenting.

How Do You Stop Someone from Sharing Your Photos on Facebook?

You can’t stop someone from sharing your pictures but if you follow the steps above, you can control who sees it. If you want, you can even create a new group and just include the people you want to see the pictures you post. Just change the settings on that post to that group… easy!

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