How Long Have I Been on Facebook?



I’m trying to find out how long I’ve been on Facebook. Do you know how to find out when I started being a member on Facebook?

Answer #1

One way to find out how long you have been on Facebook is to go to your Activity Log and then choose the year on the right that’s listed last, then look through that year:

Keep going back until you find the earliest entry there.

Answer #2

Another way is to go to Settings:

Facebook settings - activity

Then click where it says “Download a copy of your Facebook data.”

You’ll then need to confirm your password and you’ll see a screen saying that it’ll take some time to put that together:

Download Your Information

You’ll then get an email with your archive file:

Facebook download email

Click on the link and you’ll go to Facebook where you can download the file:

Download Your Information

You will get a zip file, which you’ll need to unzip. Double clicking it usually unzips it.

Inside that new folder will be some files and folders:

Unzipped folder

Go into the “html” folder and you’ll see some files:

html folder

Double click on the “timeline.htm” file and it should open your web browser. You’ll get a file with all your posts. Scroll down to the bottom to find the earliest entry. That is when you joined Facebook. Subtract that date from today’s date and that is how long you have been on Facebook.

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