How to Make Facebook Completely Private

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If you want to crank up the privacy on your Facebook account so that it’s only open to your friends or a select group of people and not to the public, then follow the instructions here to set up your account that way.

You may want to do this if you have a stalker or just have people you don’t want to share information with.

Of course, make sure your account password is not an easy one. Use upper and lower case letters along with a number and a symbol. It should be longer than 10 characters.

How do I set my Facebook Account to Private?

Login to Facebook and go to Privacy Settings by clicking on the lock symbol at the top – you will see a menu appear:


Facebook Privacy Settings

Next, click on “See More Settings” and you’ll see this screen, which is called “Privacy Settings and Tools:”

Privacy Settings and Tools

You’ll want to look at the third column and make adjustments there:

Privacy Settings and Tools

We suggest setting them all to be “Friends” and set “Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile?” to No.

Just make those changes by clicking on the item and then setting the new preference – like this:

Change Preferences

Hide Your Personal Information on Facebook

Next, let’s hide your personal information.

Go to your About page and then hover over the area where your phone number and birthday appear. The “Edit your contact and basic info” link should appear:

Edit your contact and basic info

On this page, you’ll be able to go into each item and set who can see it. You can set it to “Only Me” if you want to keep that information private. You can even have this information removed from Facebook if you like:

How to Make Your Facebook Profile Picture Private

Lastly, let’s talk about your profile picture. The one you are using is always publicly visible. You can, however, make it so only the small version of the photo can be seen. Just click on your picture and change the settings:

make facebook profile picture private

If you don’t want your image showing at all to anyone, just change it to a picture that is not showing your face. You can use any picture, so take one or grab something from your Facebook pictures.

Your current profile picture is always public


And just remember… think about what you put online. A good rule is anything you post online could possibly be seen by anyone and it might be impossible to remove it.

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    • clyde
    • May 15, 2018

    how do I unfriend people?

      • fbhelper
      • May 15, 2018

      To unfriend someone, go to your friends list, click on their profile and then unfriend them.

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