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How to Use Facebook

If you are new to using Facebook, then here are some videos and tips that can help you.

Facebook Account Safety Tips

  1. When posting anything on Facebook, assume that everyone in the world will see it. This way, you’re being safe and smart about what information about you is out there. Many people will not have to say so much about what they’re doing but that’s what you have to do.
  2. Choose a good password. Include a character like “#” in your password along with both letters and numbers. There are a lot of common passwords that hackers will try to use and there are really none on their list with a pound sign (#) in it.
  3. Be careful about which apps you let have permission to your account. Don’t just keep adding apps that you’re not going to use.
  4. Also be careful about who you “friend” on Facebook. Only friend people that you know and get along with.
  5. Keep personal information out of your profile – even your birthday. People trying to steal your identity can find some really good clues on Facebook. Hide that stuff.
  6. Posting pictures of your kids can be fun but that’s also putting those pictures on the Web for anyone to see and there are some pretty sick people out there. Even though it’s tempting and your friends are doing it, don’t do it. If you love them, keep them safe and protected.
  7. Think of your Wall as a bulletin board at work. Don’t post things that may be offensive. You could get fired. Yeah, it has happened.
  8. In general, just don’t post too much information. You can still be involved on Facebook with leaving comments and things on what others are saying. Let them be the ones that are posting too much, not you. Just use common sense.

How to Use Facebook Videos

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