What Does the Moon Symbol Mean Next to Someone’s Name on the Chat List on Facebook?

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Okay I’m pretty sure I know the answer but on Facebook what does the little moon symbol mean next to someone’s name on the chat list? I’m pretty sure I know but I want to be %100 sure.


Half moon symbol Facebook Gaming iconYes, the symbols next to people in the chat window can be a little confusing. Here’s a guide that should help you:

  • A green dot means they are available
  • A number and a “h” or “m” tells you how long they’ve been on Facebook (h=hours, m=minutes)
  • A Batman symbol type symbol is a game controller and that means they are playing a game
  • The moon means they are idle and haven’t done anything in 10 minutes (this may not be used anymore)

In Facebook Messenger, when there’s a pinkish/purplish circle, that means they are near by. And a phone icon means they are using their phone.

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