OBJ character example

Seeing “OBJ” on Facebook Posts

Why Am I Seeing  in Posts and Comments on Facebook?

It’s called an “object replacement character” in Unicode and is used as placeholder in text for an otherwise unspecified object. That means  is a replacement for an “object” that can’t be displayed/rendered on your screen.

It’s a placeholder for a special character, like how you see � sometimes. It might be text copied in from another document or some people think it’s an issue with iOS 13, which is iPhone and iPad users.

OBJ character example

Just ignore it. It’s something your browser can’t display for some reason. It isn’t there on purpose.

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    • Paul godley
    • September 14, 2020

    So basically (OBJ) it’s a load of crap ,

    • Spud Nutskin
    • September 24, 2020

    Well it shows up in windows 10 on Chrome and Brave. So yeah, it’s not an iphone thing.
    But thanks for playing.

      • WB
      • November 24, 2020

      Could be it’s coming from an iPhone and is an iPhone character that Chrome or Brave do not have in their vocabulary?

    • Oliver Klosov
    • November 20, 2020

    Don’t trust the “Oh it’s nothing to concern yourself with” explanations.

    • Mike
    • February 15, 2021

    When I post from my iPhone and then view it on my desktop in Windows 10, the OBJ frequently appears. It doesn’t show when I view my post on my iPhone. It may be a compatibility issue between the two platforms.

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