Can the Police Read Private Facebook Messages?

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Can the police see private Facebook messages and events or see deleted messages?


Yes, kind of. Facebook has a loose partnership with police forces that they use. Facebook does scan messages for criminal activities.

Why? Probably because they have a reputation they’ve invested in. If Facebook became a place for criminals to hang out, they’d lose a big part of their audience because nobody would want to visit Facebook and they’d lose a lot of money.

How it works is, they have software running that looks and scans for certain phrases. If certain phrases are in message, that triggers an alert and that messages are then looked at. You can read more about that here (

So Facebook probably isn’t targeting you personally, trying to see what you’re doing. There are just too many people using Facebook for them to do that. However, if you use word phrases in your communication on Facebook, you could most likely have what you’re doing looked at.

If you want to learn more and dig into this topic, we suggest you go to the source… Facebook:

Information for Law Enforcement Authorities (

You might also find this article interesting:

8 Ways Police Can Spy on You Without a Warrant (

The bottom line is, you just have to assume that anything (ANYTHING) you put online can be tracked to you. If you stick to that guideline, then you’ll know what to post online and what to keep offline.

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      • fbhelper
      • October 6, 2019

      Deborah, thanks for the note but we’re not Facebook – just fans of Facebook. You should try to contact Facebook directly if you need help.

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