Facebook Says Someone Accepted My Friend Request But I Never Sent One

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I just got an email saying that someone has confirmed me as a friend on Facebook but I never sent a friend request! Has my account been hacked? What should I do?


You have to be a little cautious here. If it’s an email that you received, check who the email is from – which email address. This kind of email could be someone trying to spoof Facebook. This means the sender might say “Facebook” but if you look at the email account, it’s a domain name other than facebook.com.

Don’t click on any links in the email. Instead, go to Facebook on your phone or computer. Next, check the list of your friends and see if that person is really on there. Search for them. If they aren’t listed there, then the email was fake.

This is called a phishing scam. You can report a phishing scam to Facebook.

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