Charges From Facebook on my Credit Card

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Unauthorized Debit Card Charges to Facebook


I have charges from Facebook showing up in my bank account. What’s going on?

I have about 10 or 12 charges to showing up as pending transactions on my debit card account. They are for amounts ranging from .50 to 5.00, and a couple of the .50 ones have posted. I have never given my debit card number to Facebook; neither has my wife, with whom I share the acct. I called my bank and they said it was my card that was used for these transactions.

There is a phone number posted with the charge (650-543-7818), but I just get a message saying that Facebook doesn’t provide phone support and that if I have a question about charges I should go to — When I go to that site there is a form to fill out that asks for each charge plus the first four and last four digits of the debit card. I am afraid to fill this out as I don’t know if is a legit site. I don’t want to cancel my card because I have some pending legitimate transactions. What to do? Help!


The first thing to do is contact Facebook. They will know what your charges are and why you are being charged.

Next, check with family members, friends or co-workers to see if they are using your account without your knowledge.

One thing you may run into is that Facebook has apps and games. Charges may be going to those game developers. If the charges are that small, this is probably what is going on. Someone is charging game credits/upgrades to your account. You can contact the Facebook game or app developer if you think you know what the charge is.

You can also file your complaint, online with Facebook here:

Facebook Payments Support (

Watch for Scams / Knowing Where to Login

Do not click on any other link or domain that does have “” at the end. So “” is fine but it looks like they phased out that address.

If you see a domain like “” or something where it does not end with “” then that is most likely a fake address. These kinds of phishing scams are where someone sets up a fake Facebook login page where you login and give someone else your Facebook login. You need to watch what the address bar in your browser shows every time you login to a website – including Facebook.

If you have logged in recently and if it wasn’t at the official Facebook website, then you may have given your login information to hackers. If that’s the case, then you should change your password immediately.

Using PayPal

If you have your Facebook account connected with your PayPal account (which then uses your checking account, credit card or other payment method), then your charge may look something like this:


This may not be exact and it could change in the future but just look at it and you see “Facebook” and “PayPal” in the description.

You can also contact PayPal if you think a charge that showed up in your PayPal account was not correct but they might first direct you to contact Facebook.

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    Hello, Why is it that everytime I text on Facebook there is a blue thin line to the left of the text every time. Why?

    • Sarah Perkins
    • September 1, 2020

    Hello. I just woke up this morning and checked my bank account balance. I have $630 worth of charges to my bank account from Facebook! I did not buy anything on FB and did not authorize any of these payments! I live on a limited income and cannot afford that! What should I do?

      • HelpMan
      • September 1, 2020

      We can’t help but you should contact Facebook about that.

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