How Do I Un-Hack My Facebook Account?

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My Facebook account is posting links on the walls of my friends and I didn’t do it. How do I un-hack my account so that this does not happen anymore?


Probably what happened is that someone got a hold of your password. It can happen a number of ways. Either your password was too weak or you logged into a fake Facebook page (phishing page) or something like that. It’s a good idea to use a strong password for all your online accounts and then change passwords every few months.

What you’ll do is:

  1. Change your Facebook password
  2. Check your activity
  3. Check your Facebook games apps
  4. Check your Facebook apps

Here are the steps to take:

1. Change your Facebook password. Do this by going to “Settings” as shown here:

Facebook settings

Go to your passwords settings:

Facebook Password Settings

You can then change your password by first entering the old (current) password and then by entering the new password twice (to make sure it’s correct):

Facebook Change Your Password

If you need help choosing a good password that’s somewhat complicated, get one generated for you at

Another good way to choose a password is to use a phrase that’s kind of long. For instance, something like this:


2. Next, go to your Activity Settings by going to your profile page and click “View Activity Log” there:

View Activity Log

Look through your activity there and look for things you didn’t do. You can make some edits there.

3. Next, you’ll want to take a good look at what Facebook apps you have installed. Sometimes people click on links that say something like “…and you won’t believe what happened next” and an app gets installed. That app can then post on your behalf (sometimes even post porn… not good).

You’ll want to check both apps and games. Let’s first check which games you have installed.

On the left side of the screen, you should see an option for “Games” under “Manage Apps” – click on that or try this link:

Games link

Then go to “Your Games” at the top or go to this link:

Your Games link

Look through the games listed there to make sure all of them look familiar.

You can click on the gear icon to see more about the game:

gear icon

If you need to remove an app, click on the “Remove App” link at the bottom:

Remove App

4. Next, let’s do the same for apps.

On the left side of the screen, you should see a “Manage Apps” link – click on that link or try this link:

Manage Apps

There, you’ll see developer apps. You might not have any but if you do, look over that list and see what can be removed.

If you still think you’re having problems and you’ve gone through all the steps above, post what is going on below and either us or someone viewing this page may be able to offer some help.

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    • Jane
    • April 1, 2017

    No help w/ how to get them off. Jerk is still logged in, I got him off of his connection via his phone, can’t get him off his laptop/computer. Choice of to log off NOT appearing for that.

      • fbhelper
      • April 1, 2017

      Changing your password didn’t help because he’s logged in, I would guess.

      Here’s how to completely logout of Facebook on all devices:

      1. Go to your Security Settings (
      2. Click on the Where You’re Logged In section
      3. Find the session you want to end and click “End Activity”

      Clicking “End Activity” will log you off of Facebook on that computer, phone or tablet.

    • Mike Perry
    • August 16, 2019

    I cannot get past the first step as soon as I touch the facebook the only thing shows the name chris jacson and that is not me. it shows my phone number and the wrong birth day.I have tried over and over to contact facebook and cant get any help to resolve my problem.( SO I NEED SOMEONE TO STEP UP AND HELP WITH THIS ISSUE)

      • fbhelper
      • August 16, 2019

      Hi Mike,

      We’re not Facebook, just a fan website, so please see if you can contact Facebook directly about this.

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