How to Access Facebook Without Joining

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How Do I Check Someone’s Facebook Without Joining Myself?


I want to look up a friend who is on Facebook, but I don’t want to join Facebook. How do I do this?


You can find someone on Facebook or view their account without an account. Many people don’t have accounts but they want to see something posted there, so they can get on Facebook without creating an account themselves. You will be limited with what you can do, so you won’t be able to “Like” a page, share a page or follow an account or things like that.

Also, keep in mind that when people post things on Facebook, there’s a privacy level that they set with each item they post and there’s a general/default setting as well. Most people have it set so that only their friends can see posts. This means the general public cannot see what they post and if you don’t have an account, then you’re the general public and you might not see much.

Here’s how to browse Facebook without logging in or signing in:

The easiest solution to seeing things on Facebook is to just get an account.

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  1. Reply

    hi my account was hacked on fb. and it required a 6 digit number to my cellphone which i don’t have is there a way i can get
    a 6 digit number to my email instead

      • fbhelper
      • June 26, 2019

      Try looking for a forgotten password link and try to reset it that way, which should be via email. You may have to send in some proof to Facebook and it might take a few days.

    • Eli Smolitch
    • January 9, 2020

    The easiest way to get on facebook is to create an account…… Seriously? When the original search results indicated that it wasn’t necessary to create an account and then you come up with this crap. CLICK BAIT AT IT’S FINEST.

      • getfbhelp
      • January 9, 2020

      If there’s another way, please let us know! 🙂

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